Overtraining doesn’t help, but it was worth it

This past weekend was so beautiful both days that I could not help myself….I said yes to a long easy ride with friends for Saturday.  It was amazing, with the sun shining and good company  (and some pretty steep hills).  This ride followed a pretty hard tempo run on Friday.  Sunday was the scheduled long run (leading up to New York City Marathon) of 34km.  Did I ever suffer on this run.  The second loop of 17km felt like I was crawling!  I wasn’t doing too badly in fact but it felt hard.  That is exactly what happens when you over train.  My body was not used to cycling such a long distance (over 80km) as I had not been on the bike in over 5 weeks and my longest ride all year has only been 75ish km.  Not a very smart move.  But you know what?  I would do it again if the sun was shining and my friends said ‘Let’s go for a ride Saturday’.  It won’t happen every week and I think you have to do what you truly enjoy.

Luckily for me, I have not injured myself only feel tired.  But happy.

Fall is here, time to get the body marathon ready

Fall is a wonderful time for running, the weather is usually cooler, the trees are changing color so the scenery is lovely.  The triathlon season is over so I can concentrate mostly on the running without feeling guilty.  I have taken it fairly easy since my competitions in Israel but now it is time to ramp up the mileage and the intensity as we near the New York City Marathon in seven weeks.  Diet is key during this time as I am always hungry after workouts and it is easy to pack on the pounds.   I have found that drinking water with and without electrolyes throughout the day has been very good.  Image