Overtraining doesn’t help, but it was worth it

This past weekend was so beautiful both days that I could not help myself….I said yes to a long easy ride with friends for Saturday.  It was amazing, with the sun shining and good company  (and some pretty steep hills).  This ride followed a pretty hard tempo run on Friday.  Sunday was the scheduled long run (leading up to New York City Marathon) of 34km.  Did I ever suffer on this run.  The second loop of 17km felt like I was crawling!  I wasn’t doing too badly in fact but it felt hard.  That is exactly what happens when you over train.  My body was not used to cycling such a long distance (over 80km) as I had not been on the bike in over 5 weeks and my longest ride all year has only been 75ish km.  Not a very smart move.  But you know what?  I would do it again if the sun was shining and my friends said ‘Let’s go for a ride Saturday’.  It won’t happen every week and I think you have to do what you truly enjoy.

Luckily for me, I have not injured myself only feel tired.  But happy.

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