Menopause Relief

Menopause should be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. She is usually settled into a career, her children are independent and she is looking forward to a retirement.   Sadly, many women suffer from low energy, hot flashes, memory loss, arthritis, abdominal weight gain and sleep disturbances and mood changes that interfere with the enjoyment of daily activities.  While aging is a natural process it IS possible to age gracefully and feel great.

As we age there is a decline in the function of enzymes as well as a reduction in the production of hormones, antioxidants and, immune cells.  Starting at 40, the cement that makes up the joint cartilage decreases in production,  this is called glucosamine and it’s reduction starts the process of joint erosion or Arthritis.  At age 45,  there is a reduction in Q10 which is necessary for energy production in every cell leading to lower energy.  At age 50, the immune system begins to weaken making the women more susceptible to infections.  At age 55, memory loss begins to become prominent as the levels of brain acetylcholine decline.  Sleep disturbances and moodiness occur as a result of a decline in the melatonin.

A woman can greatly improve her quality of life after age 40 by eating right, taking targeted supplements, doing mind-body work such as yoga or meditation and keeping hydrated to age happily and gracefully.

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