Healthy Aging Tips-Reishi Mushrooms

It is a well known fact that various systems in the body become less efficient as we age,  and the immune system is no exception.  We rely on the antibodies to destroy unwanted bacteria and viruses, which is where the robust and healthy immune system is needed.

Mushrooms have been shown to be very effective for improving the immune function by increasing the white blood cell count.  White blood cells work by seeking out invading organisms ‘eating them’ and coordinating their destruction and removal.

Reishi mushrooms can be taken daily to improve your immune system naturally.  Look for a standardized 10-12.5% polyscaccharide content.

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, this means there are parties, lunches, dinners and plenty of opportunities to overindulge with high sugar, high-fat foods not to mention the alcohol.  There are ways that you can reduce the negative impact of all the food, it takes a bit of planning but it is well worth the effort.

If you are attending an event in the evening, plan your meals during the day to be low calorie and low fat with plenty of green and colorful vegetables, water and some quality protein.  At the event choose foods that are not fried, low in sugar and minimize or skip the pasta, potatoes, and rice.  You can fill up on salads and vegetables with a protein (fish, chicken, lean beef, tofu) then there is room for a small dessert and one drink.

Sparkling water with lemon/lime is a great drink to sip on and it fills you up.  You can have this throughout the evening.

There are easy ways to keep on track during this holiday season!  Enjoy

Dr. Judith Snider  RNCP