Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

The digestive tract is the gateway to a healthy body and mind.  Every day we ingest food, but for many, there are unpleasant symptoms following eating.  If you have burning in the chest or throat, gas, belching, cramps, diarrhea, constipation or difficulty gaining or losing weight then the process of digestion may be impaired.  Finding the root cause of the problem is the modern way to treat ailments.

The testing for gut health involves analyzing the PH of the stool, bacteria type, and count,  gut motility, the ability of the body to produce digestive enzymes and the integrity of the lining (leaky gut).

In my practice, I do a comprehensive history and nutritional physical exam.  There are blood analysis and specific digestive tests to find the root cause.  Treatment is then focused on a healthy diet, lifestyle,  and targeted supplements for the individuals’ need.