Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

The digestive tract is the gateway to a healthy body and mind.  Every day we ingest food, but for many, there are unpleasant symptoms following eating.  If you have burning in the chest or throat, gas, belching, cramps, diarrhea, constipation or difficulty gaining or losing weight then the process of digestion may be impaired.  Finding the root cause of the problem is the modern way to treat ailments.

The testing for gut health involves analyzing the PH of the stool, bacteria type, and count,  gut motility, the ability of the body to produce digestive enzymes and the integrity of the lining (leaky gut).

In my practice, I do a comprehensive history and nutritional physical exam.  There are blood analysis and specific digestive tests to find the root cause.  Treatment is then focused on a healthy diet, lifestyle,  and targeted supplements for the individuals’ need.


Healthy Aging Tips-Reishi Mushrooms

It is a well known fact that various systems in the body become less efficient as we age,  and the immune system is no exception.  We rely on the antibodies to destroy unwanted bacteria and viruses, which is where the robust and healthy immune system is needed.

Mushrooms have been shown to be very effective for improving the immune function by increasing the white blood cell count.  White blood cells work by seeking out invading organisms ‘eating them’ and coordinating their destruction and removal.

Reishi mushrooms can be taken daily to improve your immune system naturally.  Look for a standardized 10-12.5% polyscaccharide content.

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, this means there are parties, lunches, dinners and plenty of opportunities to overindulge with high sugar, high-fat foods not to mention the alcohol.  There are ways that you can reduce the negative impact of all the food, it takes a bit of planning but it is well worth the effort.

If you are attending an event in the evening, plan your meals during the day to be low calorie and low fat with plenty of green and colorful vegetables, water and some quality protein.  At the event choose foods that are not fried, low in sugar and minimize or skip the pasta, potatoes, and rice.  You can fill up on salads and vegetables with a protein (fish, chicken, lean beef, tofu) then there is room for a small dessert and one drink.

Sparkling water with lemon/lime is a great drink to sip on and it fills you up.  You can have this throughout the evening.

There are easy ways to keep on track during this holiday season!  Enjoy

Dr. Judith Snider  RNCP



Sports Nutrition Tips

Sports nutrition can be very confusing.  Do you eat before a workout?  If so what and how much?  Should you eat during a workout session?  Will I gain weight if I eat before going to sleep?  There are so many questions!  Luckily research has given us many sound answers to help with maintaining stamina while exercising as well as helping with recovery afterward.

The type of exercise does play an important role in the food timing and choices.  An endurance athlete running two hours or more will require a certain amount of carbohydrate intake before the workout along with food every hour during the workout.  A weight lifter does not necessarily need to eat during the training session, however, the nutrient intake before and after is very important in order to achieve muscle growth and repair.  An athlete who is doing a HIIT workout may not be able to eat for 1-2 hours before the session but after the workout, it is important to replenish the carbohydrate and fluids.

Hydration is an extremely important part of sports nutrition.  Even if a person does not think they sweat very much, they do lose water and electrolytes.  Drinking at least 8 cups of water per day is essential, more if long endurance workouts are your preference.  Electrolytes can be added to the water on very long workouts or if the temperature is high.

Finally, it is ok to eat a snack before going to bed!  The research has shown that eating protein and low glycemic carbohydrate help with muscle recovery but will not cause you to gain weight.   Enjoy!

Dr. Judith Snider is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, she is an avid runner, cyclist and has competed in several marathons and Ironman competitions.  You can book a complimentary consultation at 905-770-5131.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult, especially as we age since various factors come into play that can hinder the weight loss process.  There is a decrease in the body’s resting metabolic rate, a decrease in hormones along with the easy production of fat from certain foods.  The good news is,  you can effectively lose weight safely and steadily with the right dietary and lifestyle routines.  The interesting part of this is that not everyone is the same.  This means that there is not one dietary approach that will work for everyone.  Individualized weight loss takes into consideration your body type, your genetic makeup, your fitness and stress levels and MOST importantly the ability of the digestive tract to function properly.

My approach to weight loss includes a complete history, physical examination with blood work and an assessment of the digestive tract.  If other factors are present there would be testing to assess certain glands such as the Thyroid and Adrenal glands.

Physical exercise including weight-bearing exercise is so important for cardiovascular and bone health and is included in the program.  The exercises are tailored to the individual as I have worked with elite athletes and people who have not worked out in decades.

Supplements can be an important addition to a weight loss program. I use supplements to target the needs of the individual based on the history, examination and blood work.

To find out more about individualized weight loss,  book a complimentary consultation today.

Menopause Relief

Menopause should be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. She is usually settled into a career, her children are independent and she is looking forward to a retirement.   Sadly, many women suffer from low energy, hot flashes, memory loss, arthritis, abdominal weight gain and sleep disturbances and mood changes that interfere with the enjoyment of daily activities.  While aging is a natural process it IS possible to age gracefully and feel great.

As we age there is a decline in the function of enzymes as well as a reduction in the production of hormones, antioxidants and, immune cells.  Starting at 40, the cement that makes up the joint cartilage decreases in production,  this is called glucosamine and it’s reduction starts the process of joint erosion or Arthritis.  At age 45,  there is a reduction in Q10 which is necessary for energy production in every cell leading to lower energy.  At age 50, the immune system begins to weaken making the women more susceptible to infections.  At age 55, memory loss begins to become prominent as the levels of brain acetylcholine decline.  Sleep disturbances and moodiness occur as a result of a decline in the melatonin.

A woman can greatly improve her quality of life after age 40 by eating right, taking targeted supplements, doing mind-body work such as yoga or meditation and keeping hydrated to age happily and gracefully.

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Inflammation is easily recognized when in occurs after an injury such as hitting your finger with a hammer instead of the nail.  The affected part soon becomes red, hot, swollen and painful.  However global inflammation within the body can be harder to detect as the symptoms are less obvious.  When itInflammation-101-329x300 occurs in the digestive tract there may be bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel symptoms.  In the joints there can be body stiffness, joint pain and fatigue.  Low energy levels, skin eruptions can be a sign of inflammation as well.

How does one determine if they have inflammation in the body?

There are a number of ways to diagnose inflammation, including history, physical examination and blood work to name just a few.

Foods can both cause inflammation as well as treat it.

A holistic nutritionist such as a functional medicine practitioner can help
to diagnose and treat inflammation naturally.